Includes scheduling in a 30 minute - 6 card reading with me!

"Fantastic and intuitive reader with a wonderful approach! Heartily recommend." ~ Pollydarton1981

What's included!

Meditations, videos, journals

  • An Angel Meditation to erase any blocks in your life that prevent you from having the life you want

  • A video showing you how to do a psychic reading without any tools

  • More meditations, printable journals...


Instructor Bio:

Psychic. Artist. Writer. "I come from a lineage of psychics. My great grandfather read palms and wrote poetry. My grandmother (his daughter) read tea leaves and wrote poetry. With me...I see, feel and hear about other people's lives and I channel the information. And yeah....I can write poetry too. I sense a theme here :) The readings that I offer are somewhat unique. Oracle cards are included in the readings I do - however, the best part is the journey of symbols and what they mean to you personally. Blessings :) Seann Vinyasa-Billson

Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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